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IP subnetting practice questions for CCNA exam

Page 1 Questions

1. Which two addresses are available host addresses on the subnet
2. What is the subnet for the host IP address
3. Your network uses the Class B address. You need to support 460 hosts per subnet while allowing for the maximum number of subnets. Which mask would you use?
4. You have a network with five departments and you were given a Class C IP network from your ISP. Pick the subnet mask that gives you a subnet for each of the departments and gives you the ability to have enough hosts for each department. The departments have the following users:
Sales: 7
Engineering: 16
HR/Accounting: 12
Shipping: 19
Main: 6

5. Using a subnet mask of, which IP address below can you assign to the hosts on this subnet?
6. Your ISP has given you the following IP address/subnet mask -- which address is a valid address for hosts:
IP address: Subnet mask: